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Here is our training tiltyard. It gets a little dusty in the summer and autumn months, but it serves us quite well, being spacious and level. In the spring it's quite green and gorgeous.

Darth wears an armour typical of what we endeavor to train in. He's outfitted in an Italian cuirass and great bascinet of about 1450. All these pieces are handcrafted of heat treated spring steel by our instructor and master Armourer, Jeffrey Hedgecock. You can learn more about our Armour and jousting equipment, including lances and shields, in the Arms and Armour department of Historic Enterprises, Inc.

We prefer simple equipment, like our quintain. It's a simple post sunk in the ground, with a rotating crossbar set on a pivot at the top. We have different arms with varying size shield targets for different purposes. The target shown at right is only about 4" square, making it very useful for aiming exercises.

The lances we use, made of poplar, about 11 feet long overall. Available from Historic Enterprises, Inc.

Our training is not limited to skill at arms and jousting... We periodically fight on foot with pollaxes. In many ways this is more grueling that jousting and can be a bit more dangerous too. We've all agreed that it's very tiring!