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The basic "style" of our jousting involves riding average sized horses while fully armoured in plate harness, with the object to break one's lance on the opponent's shield or "ecranche". We train students to do this in a controlled, safe and stylish manner, while promoting an atmosphere and mindset of chivalry, grace and honour throughout.

All of our instruction is centered on competitive historical jousting of the late Middle Ages, that is, the techniques commonly seen during the 14th through late 15th centuries. We choose the late Medieval period as our focus because we believe that by the mid-15th century the sport of jousting was fully developed, and the techniques of this period are a good foundation for other historical equestrian pursuits. Learning to joust using late Medieval techniques also provides the competitor a gateway to many international competitions.

We hold competitive tournaments usually twice each year (see, and direct our students with a mind toward eventually competing in tournaments of this type. Our goal is to assist dedicated historical equestrians on their way to becoming world class competitors. We provide a foundation knowledge for beginning students, and at the same time work with experienced riders on refining and expanding their techniques from an historical grounding.

Novices riders with no jousting experience and non-riders will learn-

  1. Basics of being around horses

  2. Grooming and care

  3. Basic tack use and care

  4. Fundamentals of the tournament

  5. Support for horse and rider during a tournament

Riders will learn and practice-

  1. Exercises to prepare your horse for jousting

  2. Introducing your horse to jousting

  3. Riding in armour

  4. Balance with and without a lance

  5. Focus

  6. Coordination for both horse and rider

  7. Lance handling techniques

Experienced riders/jousters will practice:

  1. Historical technique, based on works of Duarte, Monte, Quixada and Wallhausen

  2. Proper set up of horse and rider for a pass

  3. Running the pass

  4. Recovering from the strike

  5. Completing the pass in a controlled and measured manner

  6. Special techniques to improve lance targeting and presentation goals

  7. Exhibiting style and grace as detailed in historical sources

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