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Please review our Calendar and choose your best date(s) to attend, then visit our BOOKING PAGE at Historic Enterprises, Inc. to reserve your space(s).

We offer several options for students:

Monthly group lessons (usually the 1st Saturday of each month, see our calendar for dates) -

Instruction on foot, $20 per lesson

Instruction with your own horse, 1st lesson: $45, 2nd lesson: $35, on the same day.

Instruction on one of our school horses, 1st lesson: $65, 2nd lesson: $45, on the same day.

Each lesson is approximately 2 hours long. Maximum of two lessons per day.

All student horses must be between 14-2 and 17 hands tall.

We reserve the right to review student horses for suitability and training.

Private lessons -

Non-armoured skill at arms and basic jousting technique, $300 for your first lesson, $200 for each additional, maximum of 2 lessons per day
-- includes use of horse & equipment (deduct $20 per session if you bring your own horse)

For a special deal, see ZOZI.com

Armoured jousting, $375 for your first lesson, $250 for second lesson (maximum of 2 lessons per day)
-- Includes necessary ground staff, use of horse & equipment
-- You provide your own training partner
-- Cost of lance tips broken by both opponents is an additional @ $4 each

We can provide armoured joust training partners at $100 each per session.
If you provide your own trained jousting horse, deduct $25 per session.

Each lesson is approximately 2 hours long. Maximum of two lessons per day.
All student horses must be between 14-2 and 17 hands tall.
We reserve the right to review student horses for suitability and training.

General info

Morning sessions begin at 10am.

November - March afternoon sessions begin at 2pm

April - October afternoon sessions begin at 3pm.

Please arrive 30 minutes early to prep and tack the horses. All students are expected to assist in preparing the horses.

We regret we are unable to accommodate "auditing" of our sessions. Anyone wishing to attend must book for at least a single session on foot.

We are happy to arrange midweek or full weekend instruction for distant out of town students or those who wish a more intensive training program. If you are unable to attend our regularly scheduled group instruction days, instruction mid-week or at times other than our scheduled days is also available, please email info@knightschool.us to inquire.

If you have a group that would like instruction, we can arrange a special group session at the same cost as our regular monthly sessions, but at a different time which is convenient for your group.

Students wishing to book a session riding one of our horses must first email or call us and describe their riding level and experience. They must also take a brief, informal riding test at the beginning of the training session so we can assess their riding ability.

Students bringing their own horses are expected to bring only horses that have an appropriate degree of training as is suitable for the activities they plan to undertake at Knight School. Horses should be well behaved, and to protect ours and others' mounts, be current on all vaccinations. Overnight stabling is available at nominal cost, with prior arrangement.

Any first-time student is required to book their first session on foot, even if bringing their own horse. We must cover several essential basic techniques, and this is best accomplished on foot.

Because jousting is a potentially dangerous activity, we reserve the right to observe the jousting and lance technique of any rider who has previous jousting experience that wishes to run jousting courses with us. We must ensure the safety and competance of all parties concerned for the welfare of our instructors, students and horses.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the above policies. Please feel free to email us at info@knightschool.us or call Jeffrey at 760.789.2299 for more information.


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