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We'll work with riders at all levels of experience, from rank novices to skilled jousters, but prefer instructing at least intermediate level riders.

All participants are REQUIRED to sign a waiver for partipation at any level of Knight School. Minors must have their parent/guardian sign also.

To -joust- at "Knight School", you must be an experienced and confident rider.

If you are a beginning rider, please do not expect to joust on your first day -- it will take several sessions, and possibly up to a year or more of riding lessons, before you will have enough riding experience to joust. During your first few "Knight School" sessions as a beginner, you will aquire a thorough understanding of what is required to start jousting, and you will learn lance technique and try your hand at basic skill at arms.

If you are an experienced rider, but have not worn armour on horseback or jousted before, it may be possible for you to learn jousting fundamentals in as few as 1-2 days depending on your skill and ability. Our experience suggests that it's much easier to teach jousting to an experienced rider who has never worn armour before than to teach horseback riding to someone who is experienced with wearing armour, but is a beginning rider.

We do not provide riding lessons at this time, so we suggest if you are a beginning rider that you take riding lessons for several weeks or months until you are familiar with all the fundamentals of horseback riding. During that time, you are welcome to attend "Knight School" and be instructed on foot, as groom or ground crew.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own mount(s). Please mention your wish to bring your horse when booking a session, and if your horse requires overnight accommodation. All participants are required to sign a “Hold harmless” agreement releasing us from liability in the case of injury to themselves and their horse(s).

In all, please understand that jousting is a very demanding sport that is difficult to "dabble" in. Most people involved in jousting take it very seriously and make it their sole hobby. Like any gear or skill intensive hobby, jousting is a sport that requires a significant time and financial investment even to participate at a very basic level, for without that investment it is not practical to participate safely.

All students, regardless of instruction type, are expected to arrive 1/2 hour prior to their first session to groom and tack the horses. We are not a school where you can arrive expecting to instantly mount up. We do not provide grooms to prepare your horse for you. Readying your mount is part of the instruction and is valuable to understanding the equipment used.


Participants should wear and/or bring the following:


  1. Sturdy, closed toe shoes. No flipflops, sandals, Birkenstocks, etc.

  2. Comfortable, long jeans or trousers that do not drag on the ground

  3. Comfortable shirt (preferably not oversized and floppy)

  4. Sunhat

  5. Sunscreen

  6. Close fitting work gloves (optional)

  7. Water or sports beverages


  1. Riding footwear- narrow profile, such as english or paddock boots. Our stirrups will not accommodate wide or bulky footwear, such as "hiking/endurance" boots.

  2. Riding clothes

  3. Riding helmet -- Mandatory! No helmet-- you don't ride. We have no loaner helmets.

  4. Sunhat

  5. Sunscreen

  6. Riding gloves (optional)

  7. Water or sports beverages

Experienced riders/jousters-

  1. Suitable saddlery and tack

  2. Armour harness

  3. Ecranche shield

Please limit jewelry and accessories to close fitting, non-hanging items. Please also leave your mobile phone in your vehicle for the duration of the sessions.

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